For a Timber Roofing Truss to be complete, RTDS makes use of MiTek’s peripherals that are designed to come up with state of the art trusses that meet world class standards.


All MiTek connectors are made from galvanised steel varying in thickness from 1mm to 2mm dependant on the application. Stainless steel products can also be supplied on request.

MiTek also offers a sophisticated design software package that analyzes the forces that pass through the connection based on the load cases submitted in order to provide the safest solution from its extended product range.

eCo Fasteners are timber and steel fastening devices that provide strong and rigid connections to any building structured in which they are applied. The use of the appropriate fastener in the correct manner not only ensures strong connections, but also the structural integrity of building.

100% compatible with Ultra Span, our light gauge steel truss system, eCo fasteners are uniquely designed, durable, and easy to use and load tested for their respective application.

Available in over 800 hardware stores nationwide and used by over 160 licenced MiTek fabricators, eCo fasteners are ideal for South African conditions but are also extensively used in other parts of the world.

Accompanied by technical specifications and backup support from our dedicated teams of experienced professionals, users will find these fasteners offer multiple solutions and produce the safest connections of any building systems.

eCo Fasteners are the recommended roof truss products and set the benchmark in timber and steel construction.

Ultra-Span® is a pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss system that is both lightweight and compact for economical transportation costs. 

Assembly of trusses can be completed with only a drill with a clutch and a cut-off saw .Ultra-Span® is backed by a professional engineering and estimating department. Engineered designs are calculated using state of the art in-house developed software and provide economical roofing solutions. Ultra-Span® can be used in buildings from 2m  to 35m span

It was with this thought in mind that MiTek embarked on providing timber replacement products that could be used in roof truss structures. Today, MiTek boasts solutions for battens, purlins, web runners, bracing and ceiling brandering.
Almost in every case, steel presented the erector with lighter, straighter and more cost effective solutions.

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